Warranty conditions

General information
AGM guarantees that AGM products are free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the 24 month warranty. This voluntary manufacturer's warranty applies exclusively to end customers. End customers who purchase an AGM product in Switzerland, which is distributed by AGM Mobile Switzerland, represented by EP:Plüss GmbH, are entitled to warranty services.

Claims by end customers against AGM Mobile can be based exclusively on this guarantee. Other rights of the end customer under the applicable national legislation, i.e. the warranty rights of the buyer against the seller derived from the purchase contract, as well as other rights granted by law, are not affected by this guarantee.

AGM Mobile Switzerland undertakes to repair the defective product in accordance with the warranty conditions below or, at its own discretion, to repair, replace or refund by credit note. Warranty repairs are carried out exclusively by EP:Plüss GmbH. Repaired or exchanged products may contain new and/or refurbished components and devices.

The warranty period starts with the date of first sale of the product in new condition from a dealer to an end customer and lasts 24 months.

To make warranty claims, the end customer must present the original sales receipt (i.e. the sales receipt for the first purchase of the product in new condition by an end customer). Manually completed sales documents without IMEI/serial number are not valid

Data backup and firmware/software

The data backup is not part of the warranty service. It is the end customer's responsibility to secure the data on the device against loss, damage or destruction prior to repair and to restore the data after the device has been returned. The end customer should also ensure that his product is equipped with the latest firmware/software before making a repair request.

General Restrictions
In the following cases, no warranty services will be provided:

if the device has NOT been imported and distributed by AGM Mobile Switzerland, EP:Plüss GmbH

 Normal wear and tear and usual wear and tear (e.g. for batteries, accumulators and protective coatings)
 Model/serial/IMEI or product number on the product has been changed, deleted, obscured or removed
 Superficial damage, such as scratches, dents and damaged plastic on the connections
 Seals on the battery housing or on the battery cells have been broken or obviously tampered with
 Product has been exposed to liquids/chemicals of any kind
 Accident, fall or misuse/misuse or improper use, especially if the instructions for use and maintenance of the AGM device are not followed
 damage caused by incorrect mains voltage, lightning, water, fire, force majeure, insufficient ventilation or other reasons for which AGM is not responsible
 Network parameter changes and reconfiguration (e.g. WiFi setup, device unlocking.)
 Use of third-party software programs to edit, modify, customize, or enhance existing approved software running on the product
 Use of third-party firmware/operating systems
 Damage caused by use of the device outside the given specifications
 When using services that were not provided by AGM Mobile Switzerland, EP:Plüss GmbH
 Use of parts that are not manufactured or distributed by AGM
 Use of the product in conjunction with accessories that have not been approved for use with this product
 Overcharging the battery or failure to follow the special instructions for handling batteries in the product manual
 Regular inspection and maintenance work
 Use of non-original consumables or consumable materials
Even if the customer believes at the time of shipment that a repair is covered by the warranty, a warranty repair may be refused after the unit has been inspected.


Limitation of liability

The liability of AGM is limited to the extent permitted by law. AGM Mobile Switzerland, represented by EP:Plüss GmbH, is not liable, among other things, for the loss of the SIM card or for the loss of memory data, nor for financial losses, downtime, rental or hire equipment, travel costs, loss of profit or similar.

Do you have any questions regarding warranty services or warranty period? Please contact us.


In case of a bring-in warranty claim, you can return your device to the following locations:

Point of sale where you bought your device
At Bring-In you are responsible for the outward transport including any transport costs. AGM Mobile Switzerland takes care of the return transport to the sender as follows:
If there is